Software – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Print design – marketing materials, labels, signs
Web design – Wordpress, basic HTML & CSS
Logo design and brand identity

Hedi Lelumees

Artist / graphic designer


In Estonia, I always thought of myself as a graphic designer first. I’ve loved computers since primary school (as there was none around my early childhood). I learnt Photoshop to edit photos, designed basic web sites and business cards. As much as it would have made sense to become a graphic designer, I studied prop and stage design. Luckily we had a broad range of classes and I got to do photography, video editing and graphic design mixed with all the other arts.

After I got my BA, I wasn’t drawn to theatre as I was supposed to. I was looking for a job as a graphic designer. I was very happy to be hired by a company designing greeting cards, calendars and road maps. What’s not to love about making beautiful products! After two years I had an offer to work for a bigger company designing predominantly calendars and diaries. It was time to make the change so I took on the new job. I also went back to school to study graphic design. But then …

Before committing the rest of my life to design (and cats), I had the urge to travel the world. I thought a year or two in Australia would do the trick. This was 2011, I am still here. Life has brought some unexpected (but nice) twists.

In July 2017 I started my own small business called Lumi Studio in Walpole, Western Australia. I create charcoal drawings and print them onto greeting cards and magnets. My Australian Wildlife Series includes my favourite native animals around the South West of Western Australia.

So now the artist part has come along. I have loved drawing longer than I have loved computers. I guess I got blinded for a while, but I think it’s a good combination of skills I have now. I wish to use both. I feel like everything happens for a reason and I had to travel to the other side of the world to rediscover my love of drawing.

The graphic designer in me is still looking for new things to design as well! So if you have any interesting design projects in mind, please do contact me. If you need help with branding your small business, I can help. If there is a big project you need help with, maybe I can join in!

Talking about twists, there’s a cozy little Tingles Bakehouse in Nornalup that me and my chef partner run for six months of the year as well.